Case Study: IQVIA saves 700 man days by implementing Intuitive for PaperCut

IQVIA is a leading global provider of advanced analytics, technology solutions, and clinical research services to the life sciences industry.

The Business Problem

IQVIA had implemented the PaperCut print management software to manage the print volume from over 70,000 employees across their worldwide network around 5 years ago. However, they were looking to further enhance the visibility of their print activity, and decided that dashboards would allow them to understand print patterns and costs more easily.

Senior management needed high level reports on what was being printed that were quick and easy to read. They needed an environment that allowed this analysis to be based on their current system which groups people into personas (types of accounts), for example CRAs (Clinical Research Administrators)

The Solution

Intuitive for PaperCut is a dashboard solution designed to work seamlessly with PaperCut MF, so the decision was made to implement Intuitive dashboards. The aim was to provide visibility of all the print volume from over 70,000 employees across the company in one easy to access dashboard. User and department details for PaperCut were imported from Active Directory. However, the challenge was that this was not in sync with the Workday HR system which holds the up to date persona and department details.

An Intuitive product consultant worked with IQVIA to automate the manual process of marrying up the employees personas and department details from the two systems so that the analysis of printing across different teams and departments reflected the real situation. The actual organizational structure was recreated in the dashboards to report on this data – which now accurately reflects how the business is structured. The dashboards were set up with security filtering so that each department head would only see the data relevant to them.

Spotfire was in use internally for dashboard reporting, but during the course of this project the team discovered that the Intuitive dashboards were much easier to use and had the additional benefit of aggregating huge volumes of print data, making the dashboards quick to load and very usable. IQVIA also used the customisation facility within Intuitive to add their own logos and branding on the dashboards, an important aspect which helped with user acceptance and familiarity.

Business Outcomes

With a high volume of printing across multiple printers, departments and countries the dashboards are an essential tool that allows IQVIA to monitor not only the total printing costs, but demonstrates printing volumes per department and allows for the costs to be attributed correctly.

Mario Massa, Principal Technology Architect, explains

“Due to COVID, and the closure of some of our offices, printing is still happening but remotely at home and the consumables are costly. We have print volume from over 70,000 employees. The data from PaperCut and the Intuitive dashboard allows us to see all the costs quickly and easily. We have also found that if we hold a candle up to the figures – experience shows that this visibility has an effect on user behavior.”

With Intuitive, IQVIA achieved verified and validated data that was extremely accurate. The information was clear and easy to read. And as established users of PaperCut, the Intuitive dashboards allowed IQVIA to tap into the data that was already being collected.

IQVIA has made some huge savings in terms of resources to deliver the project. As Mario Massa explains

What would have taken 2-5 months and 3-7 people (1 high level executive, 1 manager, 2 database engineers, 3-4 other generalists), we achieved with only 2 people for 2 months to create and integrate Intuitive dashboards with our PaperCut data.”

Key Benefits Summary

  • Initial project savings of at least 700 man days
  • Good support structure and a single point of communication through the entire process to assist with data aggregation and integration with existing systems.
  • Unlimited customizations, fully customizable dashboards, tailored for individual users
  • Provides a global view of all printing
  • Dashboards take data from multiple data points and integrate it for ease of use

Next Steps

Mario Massa, Principal Technology Architect explains:

The reason we need to provide visibility through the Intuitive dashboards is to allow us to change our current process (where regulatory guidelines allow) from paper to digital. This may take some time, but the cost savings from reduced printing regarding the consumables and the reduction of time wasted during the printing process both could be substantial. Additionally the positive environmental impact might be significant

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This project was achieved in partnership with our Authorised Solution Centre for the USA – EcoprintQ

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