Dashboards for Process Management

Intuitive delivers a range of pre-integrated dashboard solutions that work across a range of Process Management Systems.

The dashboards are delivered with a complete set of standard configurations, allowing you to get up and running straight away with minimal set up time and configuration.

Unlike traditional Business Intelligence tools, which are over complex, Intuitive Dashboards can be installed and set up in hours not weeks, meaning that you can get on with delivering valuable information about your business processes.

There is no need to run Monthly reports for different users, as with the dashboards these are all fully automated and personalised with no effort.

And the highly visual dashboards identify where you can improve the efficiency of your processes.

Intuitive partners deliver standard dashboards for Accounts Payable Automation, Human Resources and Finance Budget Management.

In addition, Intuitive dashboards can be tailored to deliver visual information across a wide range of other process management systems.

Our Partners

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    • Read how RSM use Intuitive Dashboards to manage the Annual Salary Review process: RSM Case Study

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