Dataquest teams with Intuitive to provide Print Management Dashboards

Dataquest has today announced that it has signed up to resell the Intuitive for PaperCut MF Dashboards from data visualisation tools provider, Intuitive. In addition, it is one of the first resellers to achieve Advanced Reseller status.

Dataquest will deliver Intuitive for PaperCut MF, a pre-integrated BI solution which is delivered with a complete set of standard configurations. The solution can be installed and enabled within a few hours and offers superior analysis capability when compared with comparable Business Intelligence solutions.

The configured dashboards deliver significant value to both the IT department and to other stakeholders within the organisation who have an interest in understanding how printers and MFDs are being used by the wider user population:

  • Intuitive dashboards provide an essential value-added layer to show if print management cost reduction policies are effective.
  • Users can see clearly where print demand is coming from, with the latest available usage data for multi-function devices, leading to shorter & more effective decision cycles.
  • The dashboards show CO2 produced as well as paper & electricity consumed by printing so can be used to communicate environmental impact to all print users. 
  • Regular monthly reporting is automated and personalised for different budget holders
  • The dashboards offer flexibility to view data from the entire organisation or can be filtered to show data of interest (e.g. for one or more departments, for one or more print groups, for one or more groups of printers etc.) 

Ian Bacon, Dataquest Director of Profesional Services commented “We are delighted to be providing the Intuitive for Papercut MF Print Management dashboards to our customers. As a business we concentrate delivering solutions that add real value to our customers – and we believe that the Intuitive software fits the bill perfectly.  Intuitive for PaperCut is an excellent add on to our already successful PaperCut solution sales.”

As Roger Stocker, Intuitive CEO explains “Intuitive for Papercut allows organisations to identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their print management infrastructure.  It gives extra visibility to monitor the effectiveness of your print management policies and rules.  This makes it a great value-add solution for PaperCut resellers, and we’re delighted that Dataquest has already achieved Advanced Reseller status.”

About Dataquest

Since our inception in 2003, Dataquest UK set out to be a truly ‘service-centric’ organisation. As such, both our employees and the supporting infrastructure aim beyond winning client business, to ‘winning client loyalty’ This strategy influences every aspect of our business as it drives a culture that is conducive to providing exceptional quality of service and value to our customers throughout the relationship.

About ITS

Established for over 30 years, ITS specialises in providing best in class solutions to MPS providers and offers a comprehensive range of add-on software and hardware modules to meet virtually any requirement for print, copy and scan control. ITS’ extensive knowledge allows us to tailor a system that fits your exact requirements and budget. ITS has been a PaperCut Authorised Solution Centre for over 10 years as well as their largest European partner servicing the UK, Europe, and North Africa regions.

ITS is an ISO 9001 and ISO/IEC 27001 certified company in recognition of our high level of customer service and stringent levels of data security.

About Intuitive

Intuitive is a global provider of Data Visualisation Tools for Application Developers and Software Resellers.  Formed by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and software developers the aim of Intuitive BI from the outset was to create a different type of BI solution.  The team recognised that for Business Intelligence to deliver, companies needed easy to use tools that could be deployed to all employees and beyond organisational boundaries to customers and suppliers.

​Intuitive BI sells exclusively through its network of PaperCut Authorised Solutions Centres and are pleased have partnered with iTS, PaperCut’s largest ASC in Europe, during the spring of 2020.  We work closely with our partners in specific application areas such as Print and Process Management so that data held within their applications can be made more valuable to customers.

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