BLOG: Using Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards to spot opportunities for scanning

Scanning Dashboards

In our new series of blog posts, we’ll be taking a look at how Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards can help to identify opportunities for digital transformation.   Using a series of Customer Use Cases, we’ll present some real-life examples of where we’ve worked with customers to better understand their print / scan / copy usage and what the next steps were.

This first use case is from a Higher Education college who installed the Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards.  After a few months of using them, the partner account team went in to review the scanning dashboard data to see what it showed.

The Business Issue

  • The Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards were installed to provide greater visibility of printing activity across the College to allow for better use of the existing printers, and to look at costs across different departments.
  • At the initial data discovery meeting, the customer stated that they weren’t aware of any scanning taking place in the college.
  • A quick look at the scanning dashboards showed that the College staff and/or students were in face carrying out over 30k scans per year.

The Transformation Opportunity

  • Having identified that there was a large volume of scans taking place, this enabled the reseller to sell some additional days of services to help the College to understand what was being scanned and which process it related to?
  • Having done this initial piece of analysis work, there is now the opportunity for a digital workflow solution upsell.

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