BLOG: Using Intuitive dashboards and PaperCut Shared Accounts for accurate cross charging

Accurate Print Cross Charging

In our new series of blog posts, we’ll be taking a look at how Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards can help to identify opportunities for digital transformation.   Using a series of Customer Use Cases, we’ll present some real-life examples of where we’ve worked with customers to better understand their print / scan / copy usage and what the next steps were.

This third use case is from a Local Government organisation who installed the Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards.  After a few months of using them, the partner account team went in to review the data to see what it showed.

The Business Issue

  • This Local Government organisation implemented the Intuitive print management dashboards and were displaying the print data analysed by department
  •  In order to correctly charge users for their printing, they had been manually converting the user data to enable cost centre re-charging.  This was then followed by a manual upload of the data into the finance system for cross-charging to the appropriate users and teams.

The Transformation Opportunity

  • Using the PaperCut Shared Accounts facility to accurately categorise the print data, the reseller was able to set up an automatic report from the Intuitive dashboards of the print usage data, broken down by cost centre.  This could then be automatically uploaded into the finance system for cross charging.
  • In addition, the reseller was invited to meet with the digital transformation team at the Council to further evaluate if the print dashboards could identify other opportunities for process improvement, resulting in an engagement with an entirely new team in the Council.

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