ACDI Announces Partnership with Intuitive Business Intelligence

Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI), a leading PaperCut Authorized Solutions Center, is pleased to announce we have chosen Intuitive, a Business Intelligence software developer, as a Solution Partner to power StoryBoard for PaperCut.

Intuitive develops dashboard solutions for print and process management solutions and distributes these exclusively through a network of trusted partners. After extensive evaluation, we used Intuitive dashboards to build our next-generation dashboards – Storyboard – ACDI’s solution for analytics and insights in PaperCut MF.

Josh Lane, President and CEO, explains, “We know that adopting a print management strategy can help identify opportunities to reduce paper dependencies and move towards a more digital workflow. In partnering with Intuitive to build our Storyboard dashboards, we can provide greater visibility of the whole print process within an organization. This can help with cost management and reduce wasted printing, but it can provide an easy way to visualize opportunities for digital transformation.”

As Roger Stocker, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Intuitive Business Intelligence, explains, “We are delighted to announce ACDI as a solution partner for our Intuitive dashboards. As a major print solutions provider across the USA, the ACDI Storyboard solution is an extremely valuable and complementary solution to ACDI’s existing offerings. We are proud that after extensive evaluation, they chose to build their solution using Intuitive dashboards.”

Storyboard makes it easy to manage the cost of printing, better understand print demand within an organization, and communicate the environmental impact of printing. They show the latest available usage data for all multi-function devices, providing shorter & more effective decision cycles. But even more importantly, the dashboards can help resellers work with their customers to identify opportunities for digital transformation, reducing reliance on slow and cumbersome paper-based processes.

About ACDI
Access Control Devices, Inc. (ACDI) delivers world-class integrated software and hardware solutions through proven innovation, service, and culture. Since 1994, office equipment suppliers have trusted ACDI to provide industry-leading capture, print management, and cost-recovery solutions to streamline the complete document lifecycle. Through channel distribution and development partnerships with the most prominent copier and printer manufacturers globally, ACDI solutions drive efficiency and productivity for thousands of education, healthcare, government, and beyond organizations.

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About Intuitive
Intuitive is a global provider of Data Visualisation Tools for Application Developers and Software Resellers. Formed by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs and software developers the aim of Intuitive BI from the outset was to create a different type of BI solution. The team recognized that for Business Intelligence to deliver, companies needed easy-to-use tools that could be deployed to all employees and beyond organizational boundaries to customers and suppliers.

​Intuitive BI sells exclusively through its network of value-added partners. We work closely with our partners in specific application areas such as Print and Process Management so that data held within their applications can be made more valuable to customers.

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