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    • “We are delighted to add Intuitive to our solutions portfolio. We are focussed on helping our clients maximise the value of their information so that it works for them and like all the solutions in our portfolio, Intuitive will also be a vital part of Crown’s internal processes

      With Intuitive Dashboards, we can present up-to-date data from multiple sources, in context, enabling organisations to make more informed decisions in a faster, simpler way.”

      Antony Biondi, Head of ECM at Crown

    • “We know that adopting a print management strategy can help identify opportunities to reduce paper dependencies and move towards a more digital workflow.  In partnering with Intuitive to build our Storyboard dashboards, we can provide greater visibility of the whole print process within an organisation.  Not only can this help with cost management and reduce wasted printing, but it can provide an easy way to visualise opportunities for digital transformation.”

      Josh Lane, President and CEO ACDInc.

    • “We are thrilled to partner with Intuitive to bring this leading solution to help improve the efficiency of the print infrastructure.  The Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards are the best in the industry, whilst being both quick to implement and start using.  This will be a winning combination for us, our customers, partners and resellers we support.”

      Dominick Bracero, Sales Director, EcoprintQ

    • “The Intuitive for PaperCut dashboards provide simplicity for our customers to access very powerful information in one place. It also enables our customers to correlate with other information sources if they want to.”

      Simon Coulson, Head of National Sales, Toshiba Tec UK

    • ‘We are delighted to partner with Intuitive and integrate their latest Intuitive for PaperCut MF solution into our existing portfolio. Thanks to its analysis capability and cost efficiency, the Intuitive for PaperCut MF Print Management Dashboard delivers exactly that, allowing businesses to gain insight and manage print for the benefit of core departments such as IT, Finance and Facilities Management’.

      Chas Moloney, Marketing Director, Ricoh UK

    • “The Intuitive Partnership has been a great success and we now have over 80 joint customers.”

      Sally Scott, CMO of Advanced Business Solutions

    • “The Intuitive dashboard has been a real game changer for the Konica Minolta Managed Print Service and is an invaluable tool for our internal and external customers”

      Gary McPherson, Operations Manager UK, Konica Minolta

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